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May Add-on Fiji: Eco- Tourism and Sustainability

$795 *

Dates: May 30 – June 6, 2018 (departure date from the U.S. is May 28; departure date from Australia or New Zealand is May 30)

Credits: 3 credits and open to all majors (no pre-requisites) and all students (including out-of-state and non-UGA).

Application deadline: March 19 (email us if applying after this date for available spaces). Applications are first-come first-served and programs often fill before the deadline.

Costs: All students (UGA in-state, UGA out-of-state, and non-UGA) pay in-state tuition (at ~$312/credit hour). HOPE or Zell Miller apply. see Costs tab below for detailed breakdown.

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Nadi, Yawasa Islands, Botaira Resort, Soso village

Fiji is an exotic, beautiful, and fascinating nation with unique cultural traditions; it is also often named the world’s happiest country. Our program focuses on the intersection of sustainable tourism development with service-learning, focusing specifically on a remote island resort and Fijian village. Service-learning has become a cornerstone of higher education and students graduating with an international experience in service-learning strongly improve their chances of finding employment related to their field.

After arriving  in the multi-cultural city of Nadi, the following morning we travel by boat to a remote offshore island in the Yasawa chain. Here we combine a village homestay with a resort stay to experience first-hand Fijian village small island life, traditions, subsistence knowledge, and island tourism development.

A significant part of the program are a range of citizen science and service-learning projects to be undertaken in the village and resort. These projects range from ecotourism business ventures to water and environmental conservation to coral reef monitoring. During our time in Fiji there will also be opportunities for other activities such as hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, and optional scuba diving, and to participate in traditional Fijian village celebrations including a sevu-sevu.

The program is open to all students from UGA and from other institutions (non-UGA students pay in-state tuition), and no prior knowledge is assumed, but is specifically designed to fit with our Maymester Australia and New Zealand program. Fiji is an easy and often low-cost stopover traveling on a ticket to or from the U.S. and the programs begin as soon as the Maymester programs conclude. Email discoverabroad@uga.edu and or/download the Sample Itinerary for more information. Click here to inquire and/or apply now.

Program cost includes all accommodations, field excursions, cultural events, insurance, in-country ground transportation, and ~95% of meals. Tuition (HOPE/Zell applies and out-of-state or non-UGA students pay in-state tuition) and airfare (optional group rate forthcoming) are additional. We also strongly recommend purchasing trip cancellation insurance for airline tickets.

Out-of-state students will receive an out-of-state tuition waiver (i.e. tuition for participation will be charged at the in-state level) for study abroad courses.

Students departing directly from the U.S. leave on May 28 and arrive in Fiji on May 30. Students on the Maymester Australia and New Zealand programs fly directly to Fiji at the conclusion of their program, arriving later that same day.

Download the Estimated Costs for a more detailed breakdown.

Register for the following 3-credit course:

* Field Studies in Sustainable Development: Service-learning ( FANR 4273) 3 credits

The 4000 level course is for undergraduate students and 6000 level course for graduates and honors students.


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