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Why Discover Abroad?

Why Discover Abroad?

Welcome to Discover Abroad. After 14 years, more than 3000 students, and the highest award in the country for best practices in study abroad, we know how to facilitate an extraordinary life and learning experience.


Discover Abroad provides students with an engaging and experiential educational-travel opportunity to some of the world’s most dramatic places. We focus on broad questions of how humans interact with the natural environment, with a view to understanding how we may live more sustainably. The programs are generally 25% classroom and 75% field-based with extensive travel to experience as much of the destination as possible.

Our programs also provide unique opportunities for students to develop a relationship with special places around the globe. This is very different than simply being educational tourists – our goal is for you to experience a place through nurturing an intimate relationship with its people and the environment. Consequently, we combine field activities with multiple forms of instruction that together help foster your professional and personal development.

Why Discover Abroad?

Recent studies show that students with international experiences are twice as likely to land career-related jobs sooner and with higher starting salaries. By studying abroad with us you will experience…

  • An unforgettable adventure of travel and discovery
  • An affordable investment, with credits to fit your major
  • An extraordinary way to make new friends, including professors
  • A life-changing experience, that also builds your resume

Discover Abroad offers the most affordable programs anywhere and the University of Georgia consistently ranks in the Top 15 (often Top 10) of America’s Best College Buys. For UGA students, HOPE applies, and for non-UGA students tuition is at in-state rates. Combined with the low program fees and the ease of transferring credit, studying abroad at UGA is one of the best financial decisions you can make.

We invite students who are considering the program to email or meet with the program staff. If you are joining us: Welcome! We look forward to getting to know you better and helping to make your study abroad truly challenging, satisfying, and memorable.

Kind regards

Michael A. Tarrant, Director and Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor