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Faces of Discover Abroad: Student Ambassadors

Faces of Discover Abroad: Student Ambassadors


Christian Baumgarth

Senior, Economics

Program: Maymester 2016 in Australia and New Zealand

Hometown: Johns Creek, GA

My Favorite Things to Do: Anything outdoors, cross Country, playing ultimate frisbee with friends, attending Catholic Center events, watching Netflix (especially comedy specials).

My Favorite Discover Abroad Memory: My favorite memory from my trip was getting to see the orca whales off the Kaikoura Coast in New Zealand. We were only supposed to be swimming with dolphins that day, but we found the whales on the way out and followed them for a bit. It was really cool because they got right up next to out boat!

Why Discover Abroad: My Discover Abroad program allowed me to travel to some of the most beautiful locations in the world while learning about the sustainable practices they use to ensure everybody in the future has the chance to experience these things as well.


Richard Begando

Senior, Management

Program: Maymester 2016 in Australia and New Zealand and Fiji Add-on

Hometown: Milton, GA

My Favorite Things to Do: Woodworking, fly-fishing, and adventuring into the great unknown

My Favorite Discover Abroad Memory: Would easily be the snowy hike up to the base of Mount Cook in New Zealand. It was without a doubt one of the most breathtaking landscapes I had ever experienced. Along with this, my favorite thing I took away from the trip was the incredible group of folks I came to know in our cohort. Within a month we all established a friendship that is sure to last a lifetime.

Why Discover Abroad: Discover Abroad is all about breaking out of your comfort zone; whether that be rooming with people you didn’t know or bungee jumping 380 feet into a canyon. The trip went by so quickly, but I learned more about myself in that month than I had my entire lifetime. I will always recommend that everyone should embark on a Discover Abroad trip because it will be the greatest experience of your life!

Goldstein Resized

Emily Goldstein

Senior, Marketing

Program: Maymester 2016 in Australia and New Zealand with Fiji Add-On

Hometown: Norcross, GA

My Favorite Things to Do: Scuba diving, hiking, binge-watching Netflix, adult coloring books, abstract painting, visiting family, camping

My Favorite Discover Abroad Memory: My favorite Discover Abroad memory was swimming with wild dolphins in Kaikoura! The field guides said we probably would not see any dolphins that day due to the weather, and we were already beginning to take off our wetsuits when they yelled we were going in the water! I could barely breathe in my full body wetsuit and the water was indescribably cold, but we kept screaming dolphin noises through our snorkels and finally the Dusky Dolphins showed up! There were so many swimming all around us—it was the most amazing experience of my entire life

Why Discover Abroad: Discover Abroad offers extraordinary experiences in which you form friendships that last a lifetime. You become fully immersed in amazing cultures from the other side of the world, some of which you would never have the chance to be a part of without Discover Abroad. Through Discover Abroad, I have made memories and had experiences that I could never forget; and furthermore, I formed wonderful relationships with everyone in my cohort and the teachers too! I have never made a better decision in my life!

Brent Leonard resized

Brent Leonard

Senior, Biology

Program: Maymester 2017 in Australia and New Zealand

Hometown: Dacula, GA

My Favorite Things to Do: Scuba diving, snowboarding, ice hockey

My Favorite Discover Abroad Memory: Diving with Manta Rays in the Great Barrier Reef

Why Discover Abroad: Discover abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity that allows you to experience the beautiful world around us and learn more about the world we live in. The unique structure of the programs provides the perfect schedule to have the time of your life.

Elizabeth Medlock Resized

Elizabeth Medlock

Junior, Linguistics

Program: Summer 2017 United Kingdom

Hometown: Kathleen, GA

My Favorite Things to Do: Golf, travel, spend time with friends and family, try out new restaurants, draw, and paint

My Favorite Discover Abroad Memory: After a group of us traveled last minute to go to Wimbledon while we were in London, we decided to have a spontaneous free-day in London the next day. We got on the train early that morning and headed into the city not really having any set plan. We had lunch at a restaurant that Charles Dickens wrote in, stumbled into the most elaborate hotel for afternoon high tea, got to experience the wonders of Harrods, and had so many laughs along the way. A day that had been so unplanned unexpectedly turned into one of the most joyous and fun days of my life!

Why Discover Abroad: Discover Abroad was a trip that honestly changed me as a person. Before embarking on the journey, I had no idea the amount of new things I would soon learn not only about the world but also about myself. Before the trip, I had never ran a mile for enjoyment but by the end of the trip, we were hiking beautiful mountains for hours- and I LOVED it. From staying at a sheep farm to experiencing busy cities like Edinburgh and London, I loved every stop along the way. To say nothing came as a struggle for me would be a stretch- I was definitely pushed and encouraged by my friends to keep going through things that were difficult for me (like hiking) and it was so worth once I got to the top of the mountains and took everything around me in and have the chance to self-reflect. In the crazy phase of life that college is, it’s often easy for me to get caught up in the madness but this trip taught me that there is always time to stop and enjoy the company of nature and good friends. Discover Abroad allowed me to travel all over the UK and branch out of my comfort zone by trying new things and braving new places, not to mention with 20 people that I didn’t know before who are now like family to me. Discover Abroad UK was the trip of a lifetime and I am so thankful for the people, places, and memories that will stay with me forever.

Photo of Leigh Peters

Leigh Peters

Senior, Finance

Program: Maymester 2015 in Australia and New Zealand

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

My Favorite Things to Do: Travel, play tennis, go hiking, watch UGA football and Braves games, hangout with family and friends

My Favorite Discover Abroad Memory: It’s so hard to pick just one! One of my favorites was on Lady Elliot Island when our whole group would go to the end of the island every night to watch the sunset. Being there with everyone and feeling to small compared to the ocean and sun around me was a truly unforgettable feeling.

Why Discover Abroad: Going on my Discover Abroad trip was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Discover Abroad does an amazing job planning every detail and preparing for the trip, so you don’t have to worry about not knowing what to bring or how you are going to be getting around; it is very well organized. Their programs are the perfect combination of learning and exploration. Your professors genuinely care about you and want you to have the absolute best experience possible. You will never see so many amazing places and do so many incredible things in such a short period of time. Discover Abroad allows you to get to know a diverse group of students that have similar academic interests, and gain friends that you’ll have for a lifetime. The Discover Abroad experience is one like no other, and the best you could ask for.

Madison Metcalf

Madison Metcalf

Junior, Human Development and Family Sciences

Program: Spring Semester 2017, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji

Hometown: Augusta, GA

My Favorite Things to Do: Hiking, going to concerts, kayaking, traveling, cooking, and spending time with family and friends

My Favorite Discover Abroad Memory: Going SCUBA diving for my very first time in the Great Barrier Reef and swimming with sharks, massive turtles, manta rays, octopuses, and hundreds of fish. Coolest experience ever!!

Why Discover Abroad: Discover Abroad gave me a unique opportunity to be completely immersed into new environments in some of the coolest places in the entire world! I’ve always wanted to study abroad, but when I found out about all that Discover Abroad had to offer, there was no way I could have chosen any other program. Out of all my semesters at UGA, the most I’ve ever learned was from my semester traveling the world with Discover Abroad. From never being in a classroom and learning from hands-on experience (rather than a book), to having professors from those regions teaching you about their culture and environment, to even just traveling with the same group of people everywhere and becoming the best of friends, the list really goes on and on about what a huge impact this trip made on my life.

Grant Tucker

Grant Tucker

Senior, Communication Studies

Program: Maymester 2017 Australia and New Zealand

Hometown: Marietta, GA

My Favorite Things to Do: I love playing music, traveling, hiking, camping or anything outdoors!

My Favorite Discover Abroad Memory: My favorite memory from my program was scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef with sea turtles, sharks, and rays. It will always stand out as a completely overwhelming and unforgettable experience.

Why Discover Abroad: I chose Discover Abroad for the opportunity to travel to so many diverse locations. It was incredible seeing island beaches, alpine mountains, big cities and everything in between all on one program. With Discover Abroad I did not simply visit a country, but truly explored everything these countries have to offer.  

Sidney Young

Sidney Young

Senior, Public & International Affairs and Religion

Program: Spring Break 2017 Hawai’i

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

My Favorite Things to Do: Volunteering with Athens PB&J, friends, watching “I Love Lucy”, golf, basketball, Young Life, reading, pizza, and wearing jean.

My Favorite Discover Abroad Memory: Biking to turtle beach and then laying on the beach next to sea turtles and monk seals!!! #it #was #gnarly Also, walking through Volcanoes National park–nothing like I have ever experienced before! AND, going stargazing on Mauna Kea!

Why Discover Abroad: Unity is one of the most important things to humanity and its a backbone of Discover Abroad. Unity with those on your program, the faculty and staff, the locals, the environment. It is a holistic experience that brings people, places, things together making the world smaller and your heart bigger for it.  


Megan Reeves

Senior, Communication Studies

Program: Maymester 2016 in Australia and New Zealand

Hometown: Lilburn, GA

My Favorite Things to Do: You can most likely find me hiking, swimming in a lake, making puns, going to concerts, hanging with my family, creating Spotify playlists, crushing on Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, eating peppermint ice cream, or just living life!

My Favorite Discover Abroad Memory: My favorite Discover Abroad memory has to be spontaneously paragliding during our free day in Queenstown, New Zealand. We hiked a little way up a trail, with our guides, to a mountain’s edge. There the two guides told us the basic instructions, and just like that I was strapped into the parachute with my guide ready to take off. We ran off the mountain and before I knew it the wind took us up in one gust of a motion and we were soaring. It took a few moments for me to realize that there was nothing holding me up besides the wind, and that we were practically free falling. Seeing Queenstown while soaring up above was incredible. Truly it was breathtaking, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Why Discover Abroad: Discover Abroad truly changed my life. Yes, that may sound cheesy, but it is 100% true. It was not just the experience abroad that was amazing, but it was the family that was created out of my Yellow Cohort. I had never been out of the country before, and a big reason I came to UGA was to save money to study abroad. Now to look back at the experience, and realize my dream happened is crazy to me. I cannot thank Discover Abroad enough for a truly incredible program that allowed me to experience the world in a new light.