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Summer in England
and Scotland


Dates: July 1 – 24, 2018

Credits: 6 credits (a wide variety of courses is available) and open to all majors (no pre-requisites) and all students (incl. out-of-state and non-UGA) pay in-state tuition.

Application deadline: April 15 (email us if applying after this date for available spaces).

Costs: All students (UGA in-state, UGA out-of-state, and non-UGA) pay in-state tuition (at ~$318/credit hour for May/Summer and variable for Winter/Spring programs). HOPE or Zell Miller apply. Program fees exclude tuition and UGA fees, airfare (optional group rate usually available), some meals (varies by program), course book, and personal spending.

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UGA Study Abroad England and Scotland: Cambridge University, London, Stonehenge, Mendip, Peak District, Lake District, Loch Ness, and Edinburgh

Britain, a country with a history and influence that once spread across the World and for whom it was said that The sun never sets on the Empire, plays a very different role in global politics than it did two hundred years ago. Nevertheless, it is home to over 60 million people with the sixth largest economy in the world and remains a place where music, sport, and fashion headline the world.

We begin our program with a week in the historic college town of Cambridge, England where we take classes at the prestigious Cambridge University. This is followed by a two and one-half week educational tour of London (including the Houses of Parliament), Stonehenge (considered the world’s most famous prehistoric monument), Mendip Hills (an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), the Peak District (Britain’s first national park), Lake District (arguably the most well-known British national park), Loch Ness (and the Highlands of Scotland) and Edinburgh (including the castle) to explore the issue of sustainability from the perspective of human – environment relations across time. The program is mostly travel-based, experiential and field-oriented and allows you to draw upon your own backgrounds to understand the political, economic, social, and environmental dimensions of sustainability using an integrated perspective.

The program is open to all students from UGA and from other institutions (non-UGA students pay in-state tuition), and no prior knowledge is assumed. Anyone interested in British history, culture, natural history, education, and the arts are particularly encouraged to apply. Email discoverabroad@uga.edu and or/download the sample itinerary for more information. Click here to inquire and/or apply now.

Program cost includes all accommodations, field excursions, cultural events, insurance, in-country ground transportation, and some meals. Tuition (HOPE applies and out-of-state or non-UGA students pay in-state tuition) and airfare are additional. You can book your flight independently (arrive into London no later than 10:00am on July 6, 2018) or through STA Travel (the UGA-dedicated line is 1.800.665.5886). We also strongly recommend purchasing trip cancellation insurance for airline tickets.

Out-of-state students will receive an out-of-state tuition waiver (i.e. tuition for participation will be charged at the in-state level) for study abroad courses.

Download the Estimated Costs for a more detailed breakdown.

Select two 3-credit courses from the following (for example, you can take ANTH 4271 and ECOL 4271 each for 3 credits or INTL 4271 and GEOG 4271 for 3 credits each or ANTH 4271 twice for 3 credits each):

* Sustaining Human Societies and the Natural Environment (ANTH/ECOL/FANR/GEOG/INTL 4271/6271) 3-6 credits (FANR 4271W meets UGA Writing Certificate requirements)

The 4000 level courses are for undergraduate students and 6000 and 7000 level courses are for graduates and honors students. Any of the following course prefixes can be selected: ANTH (Anthropology), ECOL (Ecology), FANR (Forestry and Natural Resources), GEOG (Geography), and INTL (International Affairs). (Note: INTL 6271 is not offered; however honors students can instead register for INTL 4271H.)


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