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Maymester in Botswana and South Africa



Dates: May 6 – 26, 2018

Credits: 6 credits (International Wildlife Management) and open to all majors (no pre-requisites) and all students (incl. out-of-state and non-UGA) pay in-state tuition.

Application deadline: February 15 (email us if applying after this date for available spaces).

Costs: All students (UGA in-state, UGA out-of-state, and non-UGA) pay in-state tuition (at ~$312/credit hour for May/Summer and variable for Winter/Spring programs). HOPE or Zell Miller apply. Program fees exclude tuition and UGA fees, airfare (optional group rate usually available), some meals (varies by program), course book, and personal spending.


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Southern Africa: Safari in Botswana and South Africa

This program focuses on international wildlife conservation, and we will spend around 8 hours a day in the field at both Northern Tuli Game Reserve in Botswana and Karongwe Game Reserve in South Africa. We will have ample opportunities to view iconic African wildlife, by way of hiking on foot and traveling via Land Rover. During this program you can expect to see amazing African species: the rhino, elephant, lion, cheetah, wildebeest, zebra, giraffe and many more! We will also be surrounded by breathtaking views and have the opportunity to participate in cultural exchanges in local villages.

We begin the program by flying into Johannesburg, South Africa and will travel to our first destination of Northern Tuli Game Reserve, located in southeastern Botswana. We stay at Mashatu Concession, which is home to the largest heard of elephants in a private reserve with a high diversity of bird and mammal species. By staying at the camp, we are located amongst amazing wildlife for maximum observation and field instruction time. The Mashatu camp features a group dining common area, bathroom facilities with running water and tents for sleeping.

After spending two weeks in Botswana, we will pack up and head to Karongwe Camp is South Africa. Karongwe camp is located in the southwest area of Kruger National Park, situated on the banks of the Karongwe River. This camp is home to over 60 species of mammals and prime for spotting all varieties of cats as well as the White Rhino. Camp Karongwe features permanent tents, a group common area and running water bathroom facilities.

The program is open to all students from UGA and from other universities and colleges (non-UGA students pay in-state tuition), and is geared toward upper division science students, both undergraduate and graduate. The ideal participant would be a wildlife management, ecology, biology or agriculture major or have a passion for conservation and global issues. Email discoverabroad@uga.edu and/or download the sample itinerary for more information. Click here to Inquire now.

Program cost includes all accommodations, meals, field excursions, cultural events, insurance, in-country ground transportation. Tuition (HOPE applies and out-of-state or non-UGA students pay in-state tuition) and airfare are additional. We also strongly recommend purchasing trip cancellation insurance for airline tickets.

Out-of-state students will receive an out-of-state tuition waiver (i.e. tuition for participation will be charged at the in-state level) for study abroad courses.

Download the Estimated Costs for a more detailed breakdown.

International Wildlife Conservation (WILD 5200/7200) 6 credits


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