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Spring Break
in Hawaii


Dates: March 10 – 18, 2018

Credits: 3 credits (a variety of courses available) and open to all majors (no pre-requisites) and all students (including out-of-state and non-UGA).

Application deadline: January 15 (email us if applying after this date for available spaces). Applications are first-come first-served and programs often fill before the deadline.

Costs: UGA in-state and non-UGA students pay in-state tuition (variable for UGA out-of-state). HOPE or Zell Miller apply. See Costs tab below for a detailed breakdown.

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Kona, Hilo, Volcanoes National Park, Mauna Kea, Green and Black Sand Beaches

Spend your spring break in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands! Hawai’i is one of the world’s must-see places and the most remote island chain on Earth that is long synonymous with exoticism and paradise. Discover the reason for this beauty and remoteness and the source of the lush diversity and colorful beaches… active volcanoes!

We explore the spirituality, biogeography, culture, and geology of Hawai’i with particular emphasis on sustainable development. The program begins in the culturally rich town of Hilo for introductory classes and field trips, before traveling to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to hike the crater and watch night-time coastal lava flow – one of the very few places in the world to see such a spectacle. We then travel along the coast to understand formation of the black, green, and golden beaches scattered throughout the big island (including Hapuna Beach, considered one of the world’s best beaches), snorkel Kealakekua Bay (site of Captain Cook’s demise), and visit Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park (the historic and cultural place of refuge for Hawaiians).

After several days in the Kona region we visit Mauna Kea (the world’s largest mountain at close to 30,000 feet from its sea floor base), arriving at the crater summit to view a sunset from a spectacular vista, and spend the evening star gazing from arguably one of the best places on the planet. Some focus is also given to the sustainability of alternative energy sources including wind, ocean thermal, and wave action, in addition to investigating the global context of volcanism, earthquakes and the Pacific Ring of Fire (e.g., as triggers for tsunamis and effects on global sea level rise). Throughout, Western science is contrasted with spiritual interpretations of human – environment relations to provide an holistic understanding of sustainability.

The program is open to all students from UGA and from other institutions and no prior knowledge is assumed. Email discoverabroad@uga.edu and or/download the sample itinerary for more information. Click here to inquire and/or apply now.

Program cost includes all accommodations, field excursions, cultural events, ground transportation, and virtually all meals. Tuition (HOPE/Zell applies and out-of-state or non-UGA students pay in-state tuition) and airfare (optional group rate forthcoming) are additional. We also strongly recommend purchasing trip cancellation insurance for airline tickets.

For UGA students (in-state and out-of-state) tuition for this program is included as part of Spring Semester (and tuition costs are the same regardless of whether you register for 7 or more credits in Spring; however, registering for more than 17 credits requires approval from your academic dean). Non-UGA students should contact Discover Abroad for more information.

Download the Estimated Costs for a more detailed breakdown.

Select any one 3-credit course from the following:

* Sustaining Human Societies and the Natural Environment (ANTH/ECOL/FANR/GEOG/INTL 4271/6271) 3 credits (FANR 4271W meets UGA Writing Certificate requirements)

The 4000 level courses are for undergraduate students and 6000 level courses are for graduates and honors students. For 4271/6271, any of the following course prefixes can be selected: ANTH (Anthropology), ECOL (Ecology), FANR (Forestry and Natural Resources), GEOG (Geography), and INTL (International Affairs). (Note: INTL 6271 is offered in place of INTL 4271H for honors students only.)


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